Featured Opportunities

We represent numerous franchise and business opportunities.

There are four in particular that we’re emphasizing to individuals looking for interesting opportunities:

Traditional Franchises


TapouT – perhaps you’re familiar with the name; the biggest brand in the MMA world.  You may even own TapouT apparel that is sold at big box and major sporting goods stores.  TapouT Fitness is now a reality.  One of the most exciting opportunities in franchising today – the opportunity to open a TapouT Fitness facility in the most prime territories is available now. 

Area Developer opportunities are available as well – these are very coveted roles in the franchise world.  They give an individual the right to own a territory where a certain number of franchise units will be constructed.  The Area Developer identifies the franchise owners and receives 50% of the franchise fees and 50% of the on-going royalties from those unit owners.  As a territory develops the value of that territory increases.  The best known franchise brands like Subway and Five Guys Burgers were developed largely through Area Developers.

The 9Round Fitness Franchise Opportunity is breaking the mold in the fitness industry. 9Round fitness programming is a 30 minute full body High Intensity, 9 station training session, that changes every 3 minutes – the workout is complete in 30 minutes.  9Round programs are never boring – they change every day! 9Round fitness facilities are housed in 1,000 – 1,500 square foot spaces and offer an alternative to “Regular Gyms” in part because there’s no expensive equipment to maintain.  Low cost of entry between $50 – 70k.

9Round is dedicated to keeping the business model simple and the cost of entry low. The goal is to let people experience the "American Dream" of business ownership with a proven business model and plan of action

Business Opportunities

Non-Traditional Vending Business

Water – the most basic need for life.  Presently, bottled water has created a BIG problem – bottles.  Bottles are piling up by the millions and take thousands of years to degrade and also present a health hazard as chemicals from bottles produce estrogen like affects.

Our client manufactures a suite of “water stations” that tap into local water supplies and through a filtration process provide clean, healthy water directly into containers provided by the customer or location provider – in other words, bottleless.  The water stations look just like a typical soda vending machine. 

We package water stations businesses in the form of 20 water stations that are placed in high traffic locations that we will find for you.  The business is largely passive and can be run remotely with a computer or tablet.  A lease program allows the owner of these businesses to put down less than twenty thousand dollars and receive extraordinary cash flow – each water station typically generates thousands of dollars per month.

Best of all – there’s no inventory to stock and no need to employ a staff of people.  Once the water stations are in place you start earning income.  More than 500 water stations have already been placed throughout the U.S.  This is one of the best kept secrets among business opportunities.

Telecommunications Consulting

As a consultant in this field, working from a home office, you’ll work with businesses every day and help them make decisions about telecom services and products. 

As a consultant, you’ll review all the services and equipment that a business client uses to communicate - cell phones, local service, pagers, long distance, calling cards, conferencing, data, internet, and more. Clients are often not familiar with the products and services they are currently using because of the confusing environment in telecom. You’ll then advise the client about how to recover overpayments and how to receive equal or improved service, for less expense. If you find ways to save them money and the client likes what you’ve recommended, the fee is an equal portion of the savings for a specified period of time! During the term of the contract with the client, you’ll continue to evaluate their needs and will bring forward additional recommendations that create additional savings for the client and additional fees to you. Ultimately you’re creating a recurring revenue stream for yourself (3 years per client).

Successful consultants are earning high six figure incomes in their first year – references available.  Successful candidates are self-starters and highly motivated to achieve their lifestyle and financial goals through a home-based business and requires only $50,000 to get started.  Very sophisticated training and back office support.