Our Team

Landon Barretto, Chief Executive Officer

30 years in business - Investment banker, communicator.

Kicks ass, gets stuff done. CrossFit athlete, serious paddle boarder,

Go Rucks and obstacle course racer.

Art Wood, Senior Consultant

15 years' experience in financial sales and consulting.

Excellent organizational skills, with the ability to quickly adapt to all situations.

Energetic and confident with a passion for fitness, family and strives to live a healthy lifestyle. Dedicated, self-motivated, gym enthusiast.


John Baldissera, Associate Consultant

Over 13 years of practical experience in financial sales, marketing, public relations and consulting.

Friendly, enthusiastic, outgoing and passionate in all areas of my life. Enjoy's living a balanced, healthy lifestyle having been involved in multiple areas of fitness through hockey and as an avid skier for more than 35 years.


Ron Aguilar, Senior Consultant

Bachelor of Arts, double major, Psychology and Political Science. Twenty-three years hanging out with Landon. Corporate Development, Investor Relations, avid Crossfitter.